Burundi in african newspapers

Uganda: President, UK's Boris Johnson Discuss Somalia, South Sudan, Burundi
[Monitor] New York -President Museveni has held candid talks with the United Kingdoms Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on the situation in Somalia South Sudan and Burundi.Mr Museveni told Boris that...
[AllAfrica] 20/09/2017
Congo-Kinshasa: Dozens of Burundian Refugees Killed
[CAJ News] The United Nations has demanded investigations into the killing of at least 30 Burundian refugees and asylum-seekers by security forces in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.
[AllAfrica] 18/09/2017
Congo-Kinshasa: Congolese Troops Shoot Dozens of Burundian Refugees in DRC
[Deutsche Welle] Thousands of Burundi refugees have fled their country to the DRC in order to escape violence. Yet across the border, clashes with Congolese security forces have left some refugees...
[AllAfrica] 17/09/2017
Offering a taste of Burundi to Detroit
A pop-up lunch buffet of Burundian food in the US becomes a hit.
[East Africa News Post] 16/09/2017
Troops kill 18 Burundian refugees in DR Congo: officials
Clashes began after a group of refugees overran a jail.
[East Africa News Post] 16/09/2017
Tanzania: It's 'Home, Sweet Home' for Returning Burundi Refugees
[Daily News] SOME seven hundred refugees from Burundi who have volunteered to return home are expected to depart this week, the second such 'home going' after the first batch which left Tanzania on...
[AllAfrica] 11/09/2017
Burundi: Govt Denies Committing Crimes Against Humanity
[Deutsche Welle] The UN is accusing Burundi's government of severe human rights violations. Burundi says it is the target of an international conspiracy. Is this case headed for the International...
[AllAfrica] 07/09/2017
Burundi: Officials Should Be Tried for 'Crimes Against Humanity' - UN Commission
[IRIN] Geneva -Burundians "at the highest level of the state" and in its security services should face trial at the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, a UN panel investigating...
[AllAfrica] 04/09/2017
Burundi officials should be tried for “crimes against humanity”: UN commission
Top people in Burundi have been getting away with murder. Now a UN body says they should face trial
[IRIN] 04/09/2017
UN urges ICC to probe Burundi crimes against humanity
UN Commission of Inquiry has pointed a finger at "the highest level of the state".
[East Africa News Post] 04/09/2017
Africa: The Burundian Army's Dangerous Over-Reliance On Peacekeeping
[African Arguments] Burundi needs international peacekeeping missions to keep its troops paid and happy. Peacekeeping missions need Burundian troops. But for how long?
[AllAfrica] 04/09/2017
Malawi: 76 Illegal Immigrants, 5 Drivers Arrested
[Nyasa Times] The Immigration Department has busted on 75 Ethiopians and one Burundian for illegal entry and five Malawian drivers for aiding them into the country.
[AllAfrica] 02/09/2017