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Congo-Kinshasa: Corruption Causes Losses of U.S.$750Million in Mining Revenues
[Al Jazeera] The Democratic Republic of Congo is losing a fifth of all of mining revenues because of corruption and mismanagement, a campaign group has said.
[AllAfrica] 22/07/2017
Congo-Kinshasa: UN Mission in Congo Downplays Closure of Five Bases
[Deutsche Welle] MONUSCO is to close five of its bases in the restive North Kivu Province by the end of July. The UN mission insists it will still be effective in fulfilling its mandate in the DRC.
[AllAfrica] 21/07/2017
DR Congo militia forces kidnap two priests
Catholic clergymen taken hostage in troubled North Kivu Province
[East Africa News Post] 17/07/2017
Congo-Kinshasa: An Interview With Moïse Katumbi, Would-Be President
[African Arguments] "The same people who betrayed Mobutu are now with Kabila, telling him he's God, telling him he's whatever. It's bullshit."
[AllAfrica] 17/07/2017
Congo-Kinshasa: Paris Cancels Congolese Gig After Anti-Kabila Protests
[RFI] French police cancelled a concert by a Congolese singer on Saturday after violent protests around the venue by opponents of Democratic Republic of Congo president Joseph Kabila.
[AllAfrica] 17/07/2017
Kidnapped US journalist in DR Congo found safe
Five people killed in clashes
[East Africa News Post] 16/07/2017
Congo-Kinshasa: An Outbreak of Ebola Has Been Contained. What Went Right This Time?
[The Conversation Africa] The World Health Organisation recently declared the end of the most recent outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
[AllAfrica] 13/07/2017
Congo-Kinshasa: 'The Signs Are Not Good'
[Deutsche Welle] The postponement of elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo does not come as a surprise, analysts say. The country seems fated to slide into a deepening crisis.
[AllAfrica] 13/07/2017
Angola: Refugees - a Sore Point for Dos Santos and Kabila
[Maka] More than 30,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are housed in two temporary reception camps, Kakanda and Mussunga, in Lunda-Norte province.
[AllAfrica] 11/07/2017
Congo-Kinshasa: Vote to Replace Kabila 'Probably Not Possible' in 2017
[Al Jazeera] A vote to replace President Joseph Kabila will probably not be possible this year, president of Democratic Republic of Congo's electoral commission said in a move that will violate a deal...
[AllAfrica] 10/07/2017
- Activist Jean-Marie Kalonji & lawyer Sylva Mbikayi Kabanga detained in DRC
Congolese security forces arrested pro-democracy youth activist Jean-Marie Kalonji and his friend and lawyer, Sylva Mbikayi Kabanga, on 23 June 2017. They remain in detention at the military...
[IFEX] 07/07/2017
DR Congo court convicts soldiers over Kasai killings
Two army majors sentenced to 20 years, two others receive death sentences
[East Africa News Post] 07/07/2017