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Congo-Kinshasa: Rhythm of Capoeira Helps Rape Survivors Find New Start
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Goma -"I don't remember anything from what happened later in that day. I was raped, I got pregnant and now here is my baby"
[AllAfrica] 21/09/2017
Congo-Kinshasa: The Jig Is Up for Congo's Embattled President
[HRW] Among the world leaders expected in New York this week for the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly is one who should, technically, already be retired. Congolese President...
[AllAfrica] 20/09/2017
Congo-Kinshasa: Dozens of Burundian Refugees Killed
[CAJ News] The United Nations has demanded investigations into the killing of at least 30 Burundian refugees and asylum-seekers by security forces in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.
[AllAfrica] 18/09/2017
Congo-Kinshasa: Feminist Icons Join Bid to Upend Congo's Rape Capital Reputation
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] New York -More than 400,000 women are raped in Congo every year
[AllAfrica] 18/09/2017
Voter listing offers hope for peace in DR Congo
Operation key to securing the vast country's stability
[East Africa News Post] 18/09/2017
Congo-Kinshasa: Congolese Troops Shoot Dozens of Burundian Refugees in DRC
[Deutsche Welle] Thousands of Burundi refugees have fled their country to the DRC in order to escape violence. Yet across the border, clashes with Congolese security forces have left some refugees...
[AllAfrica] 17/09/2017
Troops kill 18 Burundian refugees in DR Congo: officials
Clashes began after a group of refugees overran a jail.
[East Africa News Post] 16/09/2017
Congo-Kinshasa: DRC Cholera Death Toll Rising
[CAJ News] Kinshasa -AN outbreak of cholera has killed more than 500 people in the conflict-ton Democratic Republic of Congo.
[AllAfrica] 16/09/2017
Congo-Kinshasa: Destruction, Human Suffering Acute in Kasai Region - UN
[VOA] A recent United Nations mission to the Kasai region in the Democratic Republic of Congo reports more than a year of fighting between the government and local armed groups has caused widespread...
[AllAfrica] 09/09/2017
Tanzania: Roads Agency Blamed for Delayed Road Repairs
[Citizen] Mbeya -Some users of the road from Mbeya-to Zambia, the DRC and South Africa have blamed the Tanzania National Roads Agency (Tanroads) for delaying the rehabilitation of a 1.5km stretch from...
[AllAfrica] 07/09/2017
Resource-rich DRC losing $1.3b every year in unpaid taxes
Corruption in revenue agencies and the state-owned Gécamines are to blame for the plunder.
[East Africa News Post] 06/09/2017
Congo-Kinshasa: Army General Accused of Illegally Running Gold Mining Operation
[Deutsche Welle] As gold continues to fuel the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a UN report says Major General Gabriel Amisi Kumba with a history of serious human rights abuses is...
[AllAfrica] 02/09/2017