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Eritrea:Simmering Tension Between Islamic School, Government Led to Protests
[VOA] Unusual acts of defiance against government demands led to protests last week in Eritrea's capital, Asmara, according to experts who study the region.
[AllAfrica] 06/11/2017
Eritrea:Mystery Shrouds Rare Protest in Eritrea
[HRW] This week a very rare protest took place in Eritrea at the Al Diaa Islamic School in Asmara. Cellphone footage suggests government security forces used force to break it up - dozens of shots can...
[AllAfrica] 04/11/2017
Eritrea:Gunfire, Protests Reported in Asmara
[VOA] Demonstrations in Eritrea's capital, Asmara, have drawn a violent crackdown with reports of gunshots.
[AllAfrica] 01/11/2017
Eritrea:Italy Blocks DNA Evidence That Could Exonerate Human Trafficking Suspect
[VOA] Italian prosecutors will not accept as evidence a DNA test that could exonerate an Eritrean man accused of smuggling thousands of Africans to Italy.
[AllAfrica] 28/10/2017

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