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Zambia: Citizens Unhappy With Erosion of Democracy, Survey Shows
[Afrobarometer] Accra -In the face of mounting government repression, ordinary Zambians stand by their firm commitment to democratic ideals, reiterate solid support for institutional checks and...
[AllAfrica] 20/07/2017
Ghanaian teen builds video search engine to rival YouTube
Ghanaian university student Gabriel Opare wanted to build a search engine that could challenge the dominance of YouTube.
[Africa Report] 17/07/2017
Nigeria: Zenith life insurance signs landmark deal with Prudential plc
UK-based life insurance company Prudential plc. has acquired majority stake in Nigeria’s Zenith Life to form an exclusive bancassurance partnerships with Zenith Bank in Nigeria and Ghana. The...
[The African Business Fortune] 14/07/2017
- Ghana's Seth Kwame Boateng named "journalist of the month" by free expression group
In recognition of his documentary that prompted action on the devastating maternal and child mortality situation in Ghana's second largest medical facility, the MFWA has named Seth Kwame Boateng...
[IFEX] 07/07/2017
E-commerce- A Catalyst For Startups In Ghana
Startups seem to be the new ‘’ish’’ in Ghana. These days, nearly 5 startups are launched every day and this is both encouraging and alarming at the same time. Being that negative energy helps...
[IT News Africa] 07/07/2017
Ghana: Energy Firm Turns to South African Court Over Dispute With Ghana
[Legalbrief] What's not to like about Ghana for international business investors?
[AllAfrica] 04/07/2017
Africa: Despite Brexit, the EU Still Holds Valuable Lessons for African Integration
[The Conversation Africa] During the independence struggle, leaders like Ghana's Kwame Nkrumah argued that Africa could only rid itself of the scourges of slavery, colonialism, imperialism and racism...
[AllAfrica] 03/07/2017
Ghanaian Startup OMG Digital Recieves $1.1M Funding
Ghanaian tech startup, OMG Digital, has announced that the company has closed on Seed Funding of $1.1M having received backing from a number international investors. Backed by the Y-Combinator, the...
[IT News Africa] 30/06/2017
Ghana: Nation Debates Banning Pornography On TV
[Deutsche Welle] Ghana's media regulator has ordered TV stations to stop airing pornography after public complaints. But Ghanaians are divided on the matter.
[AllAfrica] 29/06/2017
Nigeria: It's Wrong for a Woman to Claim Equality With a Man in Marriage - -Lilian Larkai
[Vanguard] Beautiful and curvy Ghanaian actress, Lilian Larkai has become something of a sensation on the Instagram but not for her hot body or pretty face, but for her philosophic mind, as she...
[AllAfrica] 25/06/2017
Tigo Ghana to launch SuperSMS network with UK Partner
Tigo Ghana will be the next mobile operator to launch its SuperSMS network in partnership with Onem Communications, a London-based telco. The newly launched network will be providing access to what it...
[IT News Africa] 23/06/2017
Ghana: Fishermen Agree to Put a Stop to Light Fishing
[Ghana Govt.] Fishermen in the coastal regions of the country have agreed to put a stop to light fishing as a measure of arresting the consistent decline in the stocks of fish within the coastal...
[AllAfrica] 22/06/2017