Rwanda in african newspapers

Rwanda to hold first live TV presidential debate
Aspirants expected to champion their policies in the face off.
[East Africa News Post] 20/07/2017
Rwanda pushes for diversification in power generation
The Energy Development Corporation Limited (EDCL) is calling for a diversified power generation strategy to ease access to electricity and increase the country’s generation capacity. This was...
[The African Business Fortune] 20/07/2017
Follow Rwanda’s lead, make Saba Saba a national day; it marks the dawn of freedom
Mwai Kibaki, a beneficiary of the sacrifices made by people on that day, ignored the anniversaries.
[East Africa News Post] 20/07/2017
Surprise, surprise, Rwandan elections are puzzlingly unique
Is Kagame so scary? The longer you live in Rwanda the more you discover that he can be.
[East Africa News Post] 20/07/2017
East Africa: AGOA At Risk in War Over Used Clothes
[Independent (Kampala)] USED CLOTHES: What panic in Kenya and Rwanda's firm stand mean for Uganda?
[AllAfrica] 19/07/2017
Rwanda bond market on growth path while equities stall
The 2017 half-year growth is three times more than the total trades from January-December 2016
[East Africa News Post] 19/07/2017
Rwanda-Israel cordial relations reflect new post-Cold War realities
If Rwanda and Israel were traditional allies, their words or visits would not surprise anyone.
[East Africa News Post] 18/07/2017
EDITORIAL: More proactive measures needed at Rwanda's referral hospital
As primary stakeholders, medical staff and other employees remain in the dark about the new managers’ plans.
[East Africa News Post] 18/07/2017
Com Factory provides a platform for Rwandan comedy
Com Factory was started late last year by a member of the Comedy Knights group.
[East Africa News Post] 18/07/2017
Rwanda's referral hospital services worsen despite new management
Services at Rwanda’s largest national referral hospital have plummeted despite a change in management.
[East Africa News Post] 18/07/2017
Rwanda's plan to extend Mutuelle to private hospitals hits a snag
Mutuelle is yet to achieve financial stability and be self-sustaining.
[East Africa News Post] 18/07/2017
New harmonised Rwanda banking law to attract capital
New law aligns country's financial sector with regional and international requirements.
[East Africa News Post] 18/07/2017