Togo in african newspapers

Togo: Govt to Hold Referendum On Presidential Limit
[Togonews] Togo will hold a referendum to decide on the politically divisive issue of presidential term limits following weeks of intense protests by opposition parties.
[AllAfrica] 20/09/2017
Africa: Ghana Is Boosting Africa's Ascent to Astronomical Heights
[The Conversation Africa] The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is the world's largest radio telescope project, which will collect data over one million square kilometres from radio astronomy telescopes on...
[AllAfrica] 16/09/2017
West Africa: Gagging of the Media - Journalists Barred From Covering Demonstration
[MFWA] Two senior journalists were prevented from covering the recent demonstrations in Togo by the authorities in the country, with the camera of one of them seized.
[AllAfrica] 15/09/2017
The foreign invader costing African farmers $3 billion
How do you stop a ruinous pest that can fly 100 kilometres in one night?
[IRIN] 14/09/2017
Togo: No Time to Waste in Implementing Togo's Reforms
[ISS] Weeks after their first protest on 19 August that led to two deaths, opposition parties in Togo continue to maintain pressure on the government. As a result of this and last month's...
[AllAfrica] 13/09/2017
Kenya: UK Hunts Most Wanted Tax Fugitive in Kenya
[East African] A key suspect wanted for tax evasion in Scotland once rented an apartment in Muthaiga, a suburb four kilometres north of Kenyan capital Nairobi.
[AllAfrica] 10/09/2017
Togo: Togo - President Gnassingbe Under Pressure
[Deutsche Welle] In Togo, protesters are calling for the resignation of President Faure Gnassingbe. The opposition is confident that it will be successful in forcing a change in government. But will...
[AllAfrica] 09/09/2017
- Social media inaccessible in Togo as opposition calls for change
Social media platforms were made completely inaccessible in Togo as opposition groups embarked on demonstrations demanding political reform.
[IFEX] 07/09/2017
Togo: 'People Are Fed Up'
[Deutsche Welle] A huge rally for constitutional reform has taken place in Togo, a country presided over by one family for the past half-century. Opponents of the government want President Faure...
[AllAfrica] 07/09/2017
- Tragedy in Togo, Kenya's contested elections & Nigeria's "hall of shame"
The region's free expression news round-up includes lethal protests in Togo and Kenya, calls for release of an RFI correspondent in Cameroon, a creative campaign that is holding Nigeria's...
[IFEX] 06/09/2017
Togo: Govt Slows Internet Ahead of Opposition Demonstration
[allAfrica] The Internet is slowed down in Togo as the opposition announced a demonstration for this Wednesday and Thursday. Citizens had trouble communicating on the Internet this morning, while...
[AllAfrica] 06/09/2017
Togo: Opposition Plans Big March for Reform
[allAfrica] A coalition of opposition political parties on Monday called on the Togolese people to demonstrate for institutional and constitutional reforms, and more freedom and democracy in the...
[AllAfrica] 05/09/2017