Perezida Kagame ategerejweho umusanzu mu guhosha imvururu mu Burengerazuba bwa (...)

Perezida Kagame ategerejweho umusanzu mu guhosha imvururu mu Burengerazuba bwa Sahara

[Kigali Today] - 12/01/2018

Umuryango w'Abibumbye (UN) wasabye Perezida Paul kagame kuba umuhuza mu kurangiza imvururu zimaze imyaka igera kuri 40 mu Burengerazuba bwa Sahara. - Amakuru mu Rwanda


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Outrage over mothers' rape claims at Kenya's top hospital
Hospital CEO Lily Koros says no one has reported assault by hospital staff.
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Nigeria:Malabu Oil Deal - Nigeria Sues JP Morgan for U.S.$875 Million
[Leadership] Nigeria has filed a claim against JP Morgan Chase for more than $875 million, accusing it of (...)
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Kenya:African Arrow Poison Could Become Male Contraceptive
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Africa:US Ups Pressure On African Countries to Cut North Korea Ties
[Nation] The US State Department has suggested that President Donald Trump's recent vulgar comments will not hinder (...)
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FNB customers use digital channels to win $5.7 million LOTTO jackpot
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Nigeria:Biafra Group Was Legally Declared a Terror Organisation - Court
[Premium Times] An Abuja Division of the Federal High Court has refused an application by members of the Indigenous (...)
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Mnangagwa in Zambia for bilateral talks
Zimbabwean president terms visit to Lusaka as homecoming.
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CONNECT Hackathon Series to run in five cities in Africa
WhereIsMyTransport a provider of public transport data service provider has partnered with Facebook for Developers (...)
[IT News Africa] - 19/01/2018
Nnamdi Kanu Is A Prophet: Benue Man Exclaims
Where is Nnamdi KANU? This is the story of a man called Agaba Emmanuel from Benue state as he weeps over Fulani (...)
[Africa Herald Express] - 19/01/2018
Equatorial Guinea:Opposition Rejects Equatorial Guinea President Obiang's Denial of Torture
[RFI] A political opposition member was tortured to death in front of his party's headquarters in Malabo, the (...)
[AllAfrica] - 19/01/2018